How to Modify Curriculum in a Middle School Co-Teach Class

How to Modify in a Co-Teach Middle School Class

Some students may have an IEP requirement called “modified instruction”, “modified assessments”, or “modified assignments”. Expectations will be DIFFERENT in level, content or performance criteria and grading can be altered for each individual student. If you are a general education teacher, you probably cringe when you see this checked on the IEP. For one, you are worried about the student learning enough to pass the standardized test at the end of the year.

Before I start going over the modifications for instruction, assignments, and assessments, I would also like to say something about accommodations. Teachers often confuse accommodations with modifications. A student with Accommodations has the same learning outcomes and grading procedures as the general education students. Any changes are to help the student access the same content as their peers. Modifications result in different outcomes from other students. Any changes are used to help the student experience the curriculum, but may not be expected to learn complex, detailed and supportive content or the same amount of information as his peers. *note- I am writing from the perspective of a social studies classroom

The following is a chart of Accommodations and Modifications and my explanation of how to modify:

How to Modify Curriculum