Discussion Technique: Bounce Cards

The Discussion Technique “BOUNCE CARD”

Engagement is the cure!

“Over and over, throughout various drop out studies and initiatives, engagement is commonly cited as a key ingredient in addressing the drop out problem.”
(Himmele & Himmele, p.5-6)

One reason cited for students dropping out is boredom. What their teacher says is going inside one ear and out the other. Learning just isn’t fun for them. They just don’t care. One way to encourage students towards being successful in school is through fostering meaningful conversation in the classroom from everyone. When you talk about things you will be more likely to remember them later. Having the teacher lecture for an hour… not so much!

Bounce cards are sentence starters to help students have a discussion that will lead to a deeper learning. Students learn to respect other’s thoughts and ideas and contribute successfully to the academic conversation.

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Discussion Strategy- Bounce Cards