Welcome to my Blog.

I am a fairly new special education case manager and co-teacher at the middle school level.

I am always looking to improve my practice through research, other teachers, and my own discovery.

Co-teaching and case-management is a challenge because it is like having 2 jobs!

Education and Experience

I have a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Master of Arts in Education with a concentration in Special Education.

I am certified to teach history and social studies composite 6-12, special education K-12, and English as a Second Language (K-12).

I have taught for 18 years at many different levels and many different courses (some split- I taught 3 different subjects one year!)

  • 6th Grade English and World Cultures as a Co-Teacher
  • 8th Grade Reading as a Co-Teacher
  • 7th Grade TX History for 2 years (Pre-AP and On Level) and 3 years as a co-teacher
  • 8th Grade U.S. History as a general education teacher for 11 years (Pre-AP and on Level) and 3years (Co-Teach)
  • 9th Grade World Geography and Biology for 1 year (Co-Teach)
  • 10th Grade World History for 2 Years as a General Education Teacher
  • 11-12th Grade Sociology and Psychology for 1 year
  • 12th Grade Government for 1 year
  • I also was a Head Coach of Varsity and JV Swimming and Diving for 3 years

I am hoping my site can be a place where co-teachers and case managers can share their experiences and discuss different problems, issues, and successes, as well as a place where helpful information can be obtained. I also plan on posting Co-Teach Lessons for 8th Grade US History, since that is what I am teaching currently.

Please visit my site again (I update 3 times a week) and share!